Music is my heart, it is my breath, it sustains my life. Music has no boundaries. It is an abundant source that is always giving. Music is a language that we all speak, no matter where we come from; it reminds us of our humanity. It teaches us to stay connected, receptive and open-minded.  My intention and motivation behind creating music has been unchanging: I want to bring benefit to others. I hope to inspire, to encourage positive change, and to convey messages of hope and compassion. Music is my offering, it’s how I want to create change, it’s how I give back, it’s my spiritual path that is ever unfolding. Music is my heart…I offer you all the love it could ever give. Thank you for your support and taking the time to listen. I am forever grateful.

Love, Adalia Tara


                Upcoming Shows in Sedona, AZ:

Amara Resort’s Hundred Rox: Every Sunday and Monday 6:30-9:30

Sedona Rouge/Red’s: April 25th 6-9

Marketplace Cafe: May 31st 6-9